2018 Draft Class


FB 85-88  Top 91  CB 74-76  CH 81

87-89 in first 3 innings, but dropped off to 85-88 from 4th inning on. Flashed 90-91 a couple times in 4th inning+ but didn't pitch there. Big guy with long arms. Fairly wide hips. Simple delivery with slow tempo. Low leg raise into hand break. Some effort, especially in shoulder at release. CB 11-5 shape and was OK. Created swing & miss vs. avg NAIA hitters. Located CB well but threw mainly when ahead of hitters. CH wasn't shown much. Decent offering. Appeared to be a straight CH with some late fade. Saw him pitch in spring 16'. FB was 86-88 at that time as well. Showed better CB on 9/23/17.


FB 88-91  Top 93  SLV 80-82  CH 81-83

Pitched consistently 88-91 and would get up to 92-93 at times in 2 strike counts. Little bit of drop and drive at leg lift. Loses some height. Stride leg is busy and kicks out loud. Will cause some inconsistency of timing at times. Short strider for a pitcher with his length. 3/4 slot and is pretty clean. Only concern is inconsistency of timing and possibly causing breakdown for a guy his size. I do think he could be a 95 type guy if he stays healthy and gets a better feel for his body. SLV is a legitimate swing & miss pitch. 10-4 shape with late sweep. He did locate it against LH's and got swing and miss at their back foot. CH is good to slightly better offering. Heavy sink and located well when he was on time. Coaching staff has some concerns of his composure- which is why he does not Start now. They tried to start him last year, but plan to use him 1-2 innings x app this year.  



Only threw a side pen right after 60 yd dashes. First time I have seen him. There was a lot of interest in him from the other Scouts in attendance that saw him pitch as a Freshman. Body type and fluidity reminds me a lot of Jon Shreiber. There were no radar guns on the field and WSU coaches made it clear it was just short side work. Looked healthy and didn't seem to be holding much back. Worked out of stretch set up with step back into wind up. 3/4-high 3/4 release. Heal to toe at stride landing. Front leg firms up very quickly and body works slightly up and around it. It was my first time seeing him but at first glance seems like a violent finish right after release and arm may not be able to decelerate cleanly.

Interesting kid for sure if he's recovery continues well. Electric type stuff and quick arm. 


FB 90-92 Top 93   CB 79-80   CH 84-85

If you have time this Fall, I think he'd be a guy worth seeing. 

Works out of slightly open Hybrid windup. Tall athletic build with long arms. Good looking kid. Uptempo delivery. Right arm straightens out a bit right at hand break, but doesn't seem to effect timing and is still quick to release point. CB looked like a possible plus offering. 12-6 and is sharp with tight rotation. Threw it often and for strikes. CH is firm with a little late fade. Decent pitch. I saw one at 86. Thought it may have been a cutter from the velocity reading but I didn't see him show any cutters in warm ups and the pitch had some fade to it. Very interesting. I do not know if his Red Shirt was injury related. I can find out, if you do not know either. 


I really liked this guy. Stocky athletic build and moved well for his size. 6.7 60 yd and hips worked well. 60 arm. Coming back from Tommy John Surgery. Arm played well and on target. Didn't get to see plays on the ball other than Infield/Outfield. At the plate has a wide set up with some bend at knees. Vertical hand rhythm in stance with some buggey whip of barrel going into stride. Barrel is in the zone a long time. Stays behind the ball very well and should be a 15+ doubles guys this spring. He did try to force a little shoulder tilt on lower pitches. Seemed intentional. Caused him to get underneath a few balls his last round of BP. Will probably hit 8-12 HR's this spring, but hits balls out with shoulder angles and finish. Not a true HR hitter but will hit his share with metal. May have a chance to be a legitimate extra base hits guy at the next level. Seemed to know that and stayed true to his game in majority of his BP. Hard contact with some back spin to deep gaps. Ran into a ball probably 420+ ft over LF/CF fence in the game.