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Force Ohio Academy Booking

Force Ohio Families,

Academy Classes are now posted and open for players to book.

Below you will find a quick summary of how booking works.

No rush on booking classes right now (as there's plenty of time), however, if you would like to get it done-- feel free!



Booking Academy

1) Click HERE

2) Select "Book Academy"

3) Pick facility, age group, etc, and then book. *You'll be asked to enter Name, Phone, etc, the first time. After that, it should remember you.

4) You should receive a text confirmation when booked. You should also receive a text reminder the day before your booking. *You can always click "My Account" to see all of your bookings or to cancel. There's no penalties for cancellation. It's actually very much appreciated, so we know who is coming.

Where to find the Booking Page online

Other than above, you can go to the Academy Booking Page anytime by:

1) Go to the website, go to Programs and select "Force Ohio Academy" 2) Go to the app and click "Book Academy"

Why it's Important to Book

Sessions are staffed with the # of coaches based on the amount of players registered for a given session. If players are not booked, but show up, we will be short on the number of coaches that should be there for an effective training session.

What about Team Practice

Team Practices run parallel with the Academy for the 12 week timeline and are one time per week. Therefore, during the 12 week training season, players will have (2) Academy days and (1) Practice day per week. *Team Practice schedules will be sent out in later this month.

Training at Multiple Facilities

Force Ohio players can train at any of the 3 locations for Academy. We just ask that players stay within their allotted training hours per week.

What Skills are Trained

Inside the Academy, players will be training: Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Infield, Outfield, Base-running and Performance. Traq and Rapsodo are used for Academy so players and coaches can monitor their progress throughout the training season.