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Force Ohio Orientation

September 15th


Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School

6376 Mill Rd. Broadview Heights, OH 44147

2019-2020 Kickoff!

Mandatory for all Force Ohio Players and Parents



Josh Bieneman

  • Welcome to Force Ohio 2019-2020. Introduction of staff and outline what will be covered during the evening. 

Culture, Direction & Expectations


Larry Mosley

Josh Bieneman

  • Brief background of Force Ohio and foundation of the program. Presentation of how culture has shaped the program thus far and how the players and parents of 2020 can continue to help Force Ohio evolve. What we should all expect from each other. 

Communication & Operations


Anthony Mendoza

  • Outline of Team communication and Program communication. Who you will need to contact during the next 10 months and how to find their information. Where to find all the information you'll need this year.

Player Development: Part 1


  • Full scope of the 2019-2020 Player Development model. Review of core program teachings and philosophies.

Hitting: Josh Bieneman

Pitching: Mike Burke

Catching: Josh Bieneman

Infield: Jeremy Coleman

Outfield: Larry Mosley

Base-running: Anthony Mendoza

Performance: Justin Aviles

College Recruiting

*Intermission for 8u-13u 


Josh Bieneman

  • Learning how College Recruiting works in 2020. Brief overview of NCAA regulations and recruiting guidelines. How we are here to help your journey. Activity vs. Productivity.

Youth Mindset

*8u-13u Returns to auditorium

*Intermission for 14u-17u


Anthony Mendoza

  • Presentation on how our developmental goals differ between Youth and High School. How Force Ohio Youth players will be prepared for High School.

Player Development: Part 2

*14u-17u Returns to auditorium


  • Training Players/Parents on Driveline Traq, booking Academy Classes and booking 10 Minute Tag up's. 

Traq Overview: Josh Bieneman

Booking Academy: Josh Bieneman

10 minute Tag up's: Josh Bieneman

Traq everyday use: Anthony Mendoza

Traq Performance: Justin Aviles

Team Breakouts


  • All players, parents and coaches break out into their teams for a meeting. Breakout meeting agenda includes: Introduction, Winter Practices, Out of town Tournament/s and plans for the next Team Meeting.

Wrap up & begin the year!


  • Evening concludes for everyone.