John & Louise Maniglia

Casey Maniglia

UNC Baseball

"When it comes to club baseball there are so many out there that talk a good game, but Force Baseball is everything that you are looking for and more.


We stumbled upon Force Baseball in the first season that it started, 2012. We did not know what to expect but in Northeast Ohio, we needed a location that was going to be a close commute and also had the indoor facilities for our son to be able to train year round.


My son, Casey has been with Force Baseball ever since. Casey is a senior now and is graduating in May 2018. He will leave for the University of North Carolina in late June to pursue the next chapter of his life.


This would have never of been possible without the guidance and support that we received from the staff at Force Baseball especially from director, Josh Bieneman, and coach Larry Mosely. 


Force Baseball provided Casey with a great foundation from individual training, team training, tournaments, showcases, camps, seminars etc.


We will always consider the people we have met through Force Baseball as family. Most of my son’s closest friends have come from his Force Baseball team. He has built relationships with teammates and coaches that will last a lifetime." 

Jeff & Erin Fromwiller

Evan Fromwiller

OU Baseball

“We have had the pleasure of being part of the Force Baseball Family for six seasons.  Force has always been a player first organization; developing each player to maximize their full potential.  


Force’s Academy and preseason training program provides a foundation to develop and enhance a player’s individual skills.  Not only are Larry Mosley and Josh Bieneman mentors and role models for our son, they have become part of our family.”

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