John & Louise Maniglia

Casey- UNC Tar Heels 

"When it comes to club baseball there are so many out there that talk a good game, but Force Baseball is everything that you are looking for and more.


We stumbled upon Force Baseball in the first season that it started, 2012. We did not know what to expect but in Northeast Ohio, we needed a location that was going to be a close commute and also had the indoor facilities for our son to be able to train year round.


My son, Casey has been with Force Baseball ever since. Casey is a senior now and is graduating in May 2018. He will leave for the University of North Carolina in late June to pursue the next chapter of his life.


This would have never of been possible without the guidance and support that we received from the staff at Force Baseball especially from director, Josh Bieneman, and coach Larry Mosely. 


Force Baseball provided Casey with a great foundation from individual training, team training, tournaments, showcases, camps, seminars etc.


We will always consider the people we have met through Force Baseball as family. Most of my son’s closest friends have come from his Force Baseball team. He has built relationships with teammates and coaches that will last a lifetime." 

Erin & Jeff Fromwiller

Evan- Ohio Bobcats

“We have had the pleasure of being part of the Force Baseball Family for six seasons.  Force has always been a player first organization; developing each player to maximize their full potential.  


Force’s Academy and preseason training program provides a foundation to develop and enhance a player’s individual skills.  Not only are Larry Mosley and Josh Bieneman mentors and role models for our son, they have become part of our family.”


"Thank you. I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate and enjoy your coaching. It is such a pleasure to see you working with the kids and actually teaching them so that they learn. I believe at this age they can learn so much and what a fabulous teacher you are. These videos of both Nathan and Weston are very helpful and appreciated. I realize it takes a lot of work and time on your put to critique each one of these.


Thank you."


"He had a very good tryout and entire training season, thanks to your coaching and very helpful talk prior to the tryouts. Jake was very confident going into the tryouts, and had been so visible at every conditioning session and optional practice, he didn't even have to go through some of the aspects of the tryouts -- Your talk was so helpful, really sunk in and gave him the edge he needed to feel confident and concentrate on nothing but his baseball skills!!


Thank you!!"


"I just wanted to take a moment to pass along a message to you regarding the Force baseball program. Back in August I reached out to you through a mutual friend and previous dealings with The Force about bringing a group of 13U players to your upstart baseball organization. Your response back to me, while you were on vacation, within 5 minutes was unbelievable. A sign of your commitment to come. Shortly thereafter Josh called and we were off and running.


Our team consists of 10 boys from Mentor, Willoughby, Solon, Aurora and even the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. I have been involved in youth sports for over 10 years. This is by far, the best organization I have seen. Josh is a top notch leader that has assembled a great staff to support this initiative. The parents are excited with the level of structure, teaching, conditioning, etc. More importantly, the kids are motivated and excited when the time comes to go to practice. The coaches have quickly established mutual respect and commitment.


I felt that an email was needed to recognize Josh and the staff for their early efforts. Keep it up. I am looking forward to a great summer with the Force organization."


"My son plays on the U11 team this year, and I just wanted to let you know how great a season it has been for him... He has played on lots of teams in baseball and other sports, and I've never seen a team where the kids and the parents and the coaches have been so supportive of each other...I feel like the positive attitude, and some good coaching, have really helped his game."


"I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given my son. He is turning into such a fine ballplayer. He has improved so much. His confidence level is at an all time high. He is playing loose and not nervous for the first time in so long and it is showing. Cody is an awesome coach. He is so good with the boys. They are learning so much from him. I would have to say that you knocked it out of the park with Cody! I can only hope that he will be able to play for Cody for years to come and get to his full potential.


Again I cannot thank you enough, we came to you with a beat down young boy who was beginning to dislike the sport almost a year ago and you have helped him to become the player he is today. I am so excited for the future!"


"Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job. We have been very impressed with all of your work and effort with the kids development. We notice all of the details you teach that make a huge difference.

You have the focus and the baseball knowledge to help Flynn and the kids on the team. We appreciate it and are very happy to be with you and your program." 


"I did speak to Larry yesterday and he said he would work on a plan for my son. I told Larry what John Hamilton did with him as a pitcher, nothing short of a miracle. The organization and programs have been awesome and I do my best to promote the Force."


"Thanks again for all your help this season. It was fun to see the team make great strides against some very tough competition. My son learned a lot and, most importantly, had a super time. His passion for baseball remains as high as ever.

All of this is a tribute to your leadership and coaching. He was blessed to have great coaches who looked out for the best interests of the kids."